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Reliability & SERVICE

The mission is clear. GROSS HOF concentrates on the development and production of Cores and Tubes. Our product assortment consist of cores and laminated tubes, ring cores, man-made fibre tubes and rotor tubes. Efficiency from production planning up to the final product. 

For more than 100 years now, GROSS HOF has been concentrating on the development and manufacture of paper cores and tubes for winding of thread-shaped and flat materials, as well as for other technical uses..
GROSS HOF is committed to maintain a partnership with its customers, to provide both outstanding service as well as innovative and practical solutions.

As an independent, medium-sized business, we consider ourselves service providers for everything related to cores and tubes. At our site in the city of Hof in the northern-most part of Bavaria, Germany, we combine forces to offer our customers optimal value for their money.

Our dynamic production, planning allows a flexible response to the scheduling needs of our customers, and thus allows us to meet short-term delivery deadlines. This ensures uninterrupted supplies for our customers, and gives us a decisive competitive edge. Contact us for anything to do with paper cores and paper tubes.