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Cones & Rotor tubes

The traditional and "oldest" items in our range of products are subject to the same high standards as all the other tubes and cores manufactured by GROSS HOF.

Decades of experience, precise knowledge of requirements, as well as the production on state-of-the-art machinery, ensure a high level of quality and trouble-free use of our cones and cylindrical rotor spinning tubes.

We offer our customers all standard formats for the lastest ring, rotor-spinning and winding machine generations, and we can also produce special designs in accordance with customer needs.

Surfaces adapted to the particular use, such as crepe surface in the case of cylindrical rotor spinning tubes or velvet finish and grooving in the case of paper cones, enables faultless unwinding and yarn processing at further steps. A wide range of colours and printing symbols facilitate the clear differentiation between yarn varieties and spinning batches for our clients and their customers.

Water repellent paper cones for steaming round out our line and are a cost-effective option for these applications.

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